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  1. chocosenshu
    chocosenshu 50 Comments
     -  31 Aug 2018

    photo area

    If you are staying close to Station 1, you would be able to see this odd rock formation quite easily during the low tide. If you can swim to the place, that is good too. It is a small grotto for Virgin Mary and you can pray there for a bit. Just make sure to go down immediately once you are done because it is a small rock formation.

  2. Avatar
    morsh21 50 Comments
     -  23 Jul 2018

    Icon of Boracay

    Willy’s Rock is located at the far end of Station 1, near Jona’s fruitshake. This is where we watched the sunset and it was really beautiful. Like any spot in the island, you can’t expect it to be empty, except in the morning, when it’s low tide and the people are still sleeping from partying hard the night before. There’s a grotto at the top of the rock formation, which Catholics would most likely appreciate.

  3. Avatar
    jaypeewarning 32 Comments
     -  03 Nov 2017


    Sprouting out of the shallow waters of Station 1 Boracay is the volcanic rock formation with the odd name – Willy’s Rock. It’s located along the famous White Beach shoreline of Boracay. Getting there can be tiring, especially if you are coming from Station 3. Despite its distance, it is the one of the most photographed spot along the picturesque Boracay shoreline. I was with my family when I visited the place and in spite of the scorching heat of the sun, my mom enjoyed seeing the grotto of the Virgin Marry mounted on top of Willy’s rock. I am not sure why a religious icon was placed there but it sure makes the view of the sea and the beach more heavenly. If ever you get thirsty on your way to Willy’s rock or while you are there, there is nothing to worry since the rock formation lies very close to Jonas Fruitshake, which serves the best avocado-banana share I have ever tasted! One more thing, there is no entrance fee, so you can save some penny visiting this place.

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