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  1. Rachdyan Naufal 25 Comments
     -  15 Jul 2018

    Horrible zoo

    This place is horrible and don’t deserve to be called a “zoo”. The animals here are in awful condition and someone need to help them. The staff here doesn’t care about the condition of the animal. For 40k Rupiah, this place ia not worth your money

  2. Angelo S
    Angelo S
    Indonesia 27 Comments
     -  29 Nov 2017

    Not a good experience

    The Bandung zoo is one of the worst Zoo I’ve been to. Animals are poorly treated and the place itself is not taken care of. The local officials should definitely take care of this issue. Not recommended to see.

  3. d_busybee
    Indonesia 15 Comments
     -  18 Aug 2017

    Not a good experience

    The management are horrible, the animals are old and in poor condition, and stinky. The locals were being irresponsible by giving human snacks to the animals there and later the monkey don’t want to eat banana or peanuts anymore, only want snacks given by the visitors. It used to be great zoo in the past, so sad to see what it became.

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