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  1. agnes_hulman
    Hungary 14 Comments
     -  12 Sep 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    It is one of the most interesting temples around Ubud. Not because of the building but because Balinese people come here for purification baths in thr temple’s holy water. Also tourists have the opportunity for purifying themselves, you just need to ask for the steps of the process from the information desk before you go into the holy water. It is a unique experience for sure.

  2. d_busybee
    Indonesia 15 Comments
     -  18 Aug 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Tirta Empul is another sacred and one of the most important temple for Balinese people. The guide told me that many of ceremonies held in Bali use holy water taken from here. The best thing is, the tourists are able to wash their body in this sacred bathing place. Just make sure you are not in your period (for women), or you can only see others bath from outside. Fish pool is an alternative though.

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