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  1. tinathanabalan
    tinathanabalan 37 Comments
     -  25 Aug 2018


    Definitely the highlight of this trip especially when it came to nature. You can see the locals working on the fields as well and carrying heavy loads. They were all so friendly and I loved every bit of it.

  2. meredith
    meredith 23 Comments
     -  12 Jan 2018

    Fantastic attraction

    I woke up early and take a morning walk where I meet local people doing morning prayer ceremony. It`s such a nice place where nature and people live in harmony.

  3. Aechi
    Aechi 26 Comments
     -  19 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Yup, definitely picturesque! Prepare a penny for the path (as someone may ask for money but no official ticket is issued). If you are any good with your hand, this is a great place to etch-a-sketch…

  4. Jen11
    Germany 60 Comments
     -  03 Oct 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Very beautiful and scenic rice fields approx 30 minutes outside of Ubud town. You can do small or longer walks. I spent around an hour here and really enjoyed it. The only negative thing is, that on two spots they ask you for money, to walk on path, but bargain and donĀ“t pay to much!

  5. Avatar
    epraghina 26 Comments
     -  21 Sep 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Plus : It has scenic view, free entrance, nice walking track in case you need to burn some calories after those Nasi Goreng for breakfast.

    Minus : A bit hard to find a car park nearby

  6. agnes_hulman
    Hungary 14 Comments
     -  30 Aug 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    It is a kind of display rice terrace to show tourists what rice fields look like. It is beautiful when the rice is growing and it is becoming more green. Walking in it is a perfect afternoon program, even if you are waiting for the sunset in the middle if the terrace. There is no entrance fee, you will meet some farmers on your way through the field to ask for donation.

  7. dyhb
    Indonesia 18 Comments
     -  22 Aug 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    For early riser, I recommend to catch your sunrise here in Tegalalang. However, I don’t think it’s free. There are some spot where your have to pay (any amount) to walk through. So yeah, please prepare small changes for it. I remember I had like 4-5 spots where I have to pay. They don’t charge for certain amount. Also prepare your shoes because some paths are steep. It has great view indeed.

  8. Vis
    Vis 46 Comments
     -  29 Jul 2017


    Tegalalang Rice Terrace is one of the many places in Bali where you get to see rice fields. It is different from the other rice fields in a way with huge area and picturesque view. I clicked few good pictures and enjoyed the luwak coffee. I couldn’t walk in the fields as it was raining rather heavily on that day and I couldn’t risk slipping or so, but I would have done that on a normal day.

  9. echo
    echo 44 Comments
     -  25 Jul 2017


    There are many rice fields around Bali, but I guess this is one of the better ones. A few budget shops line the streets. Shouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes to get a few nice photos here.

  10. Avatar
    scottabe 8 Comments
     -  18 Nov 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    I’ve been to the rice terraces of Vietnam and Cambodia, but I still love Tegalaang Rice Terraces more and more every time. It’s so easy to reach from Ubud, we just jump on our scooter and head 20 minutes north of town, it’s hard to miss it! I can’t wait to get back for another peak.

  11. Avatar
    Andromeda Oliveira 7 Comments
     -  17 Nov 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    If you’ve never been to a rice field before, you absolutely should go there, it’s a very interesting visit. The best time to visit is at the end of the day, because the sunset light will make it even prettier. Perfect spot for photographers!

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