2 Best Ranthambore Attractions Every Tourist Must See

2 Most Popular Attractions in Ranthambore

1. Ranthambore National Park

    Known for its majestic Bengal tigers, the Ranthambore National Park is located in Sawai Madhopur district. The area was initially used by the royals as
  • Indian INR 25, Foreigner INR 200
  • +91 9212 777223 - 25
  • Ranthambore National Park, Prempura, Rajasthan, India
  • Times differ depending on season. Morning: 6/7am-9:30/10:30am Afternoon: 2/3:30pm-5:30/7pm

2. Ranthambore Fort

    Located in the Ranthambore National Park, the Ranthambore Fort is said to have been built by the Nagil Jats. Over time, the fort passed onto Rajput rulers,
  • Entry fees same as Ranthambore Park Indian INR 25, Foreigner INR 200
  • 91-9212777223/25
  • Ranthambore Fort Road, Ranthambhore Fort, Rajasthan, India
  • Times depends on season, Morning: 6/7am-9:30/10:30am, Afternoon: 2/3:30pm-5:30/7pm


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