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  1. lilyardenlao
    Philippines 75 Comments
     -  23 Apr 2018

    A very underrated place

    My brother and I discovered this place when our business trip was cut short so we had nothing to do for 3 days in Hong Kong. It's quite a ways away from the city center but it's well worth the trip. Not many know that there's actually a beach in HK! Stanley Market is beside a beach and has all the souvenirs you'd need for friends and family. There's also less people here and a decent choice of clothes and other stuff if you want to shop. There's a hotel and a line of restaurants nearby. It's the perfect place for a more chill shopping experience. We got there by bus, around half an hour or so from the city.

  2. maggie0415
    China 15 Comments
     -  22 Aug 2017


    If you want to see the different Hong Kong, you should definitely visit this place. This is an open-air market, with lots of small shops that sell inexpensive souvenirs, art works, dresses, clothes accessories and silk, the same time, you can also find lots of famous restaurants.

  3. chessieorq
    Philippines 62 Comments
     -  28 Jul 2017


    Stanley Market is one of the many places you can buy stuff in Hong Kong. I find some booths pricey. I would recommend more going to Temple Street Night Market instead. But it is nice to walk around and look at the local items sold here. 🙂

  4. Vis
    Vis 46 Comments
     -  23 Jul 2017


    A lively place with loads of shopping. The shops offer great variety of Chinese garments, toys, souvenirs, etc., among various other things. I suggest going through a bunch of shops before buying any thing. Bargain hard for decent prices and avoid extortion type of bargain.

  5. garimasekhri
    India 16 Comments
     -  28 Jun 2017


    A canvas of color offering multitude of shopping options, Stanley market is an interesting market in Hong Kong. From silks to souvenirs, there is something for everyone here.

    Touristy in a lot of ways but i would still recommend a visit here.

  6. nikotke
    Georgia 13 Comments
     -  28 Jun 2017


    Stanley Market is a street market!
    There is lot of stuff you can buy and take to your friends or someone else but it is little bit expensive.
    All I can say you wont be bored there! 🙂

  7. TiffC 11 Comments
     -  07 Jun 2017

    It was good

    Stanley Market is a feast for the senses and it really made me feel that “hey, I’m in Hong Kong!” vibe despite the English name. There are a lot of stuff being sold here but you can actually get most of them elsewhere at a cheaper price. Do check out the small food stalls instead of going to the well-known restaurants for the ultimate food trip!

  8. Hannah Pigram
    Hannah Pigram 23 Comments
     -  07 Jun 2017


    One of the more famous markets in Hong Kong, it it a little more expensive than others but still worth a visit! Some of the stalls here are better quality though so make sure to compare prices if you are set on buying particular items.

  9. karenlamch
    karenlamch 11 Comments
     -  05 Jun 2017

    Needs improvement

    Stores in the Stanley Market are quite pricey. Compared to the Ladies Market and Temple Street, the amount of stores and item sales are quite minuscule. It’s vibrant and nice to walk around, but I would recommend other markets if you are serious about buying cheap Hong Kong goods.

  10. isa_9921
    isa_9921 10 Comments
     -  03 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Stanley Market is a nice place just to chill. I recommend you spend a day there, perfect for couples, friends or families. The food there can be slightly pricey but if you have your local friend with you, they can bring you to those local stores for noodles or rice, instead of Pizza Express! Remember to walk along the whole beautiful coast after visiting the markets and the shops. Oh! you can also bring the swimsuit! Stanley Beach is gorgeous too!! Definitely worth visiting!!

  11. cchesterman 11 Comments
     -  10 May 2017


    It’s a little under an hour bus ride from Wan Chai. Another cool market to find gifts and to haggle. You start to come across a lot of the same things, but if you havn’t been before it is worth the visit.

  12. - S m i L e Y - 10 Comments
     -  25 Apr 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Stanley Market offers better quality of souvenir items for silk, linen, art that are not found among others markets. We took a bus going their and purchased and was amazed that it was located near the sea and had a beautiful view of the harbor. If you are looking for good food for lower cost than the food stalls, there is a hidden food market inside. We tried lots of their food their and it was good and delicious for a fraction of the price.

  13. stephanie111
    stephanie111 10 Comments
     -  12 Dec 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    Stanley is a good getaway from city life. If you are tired of crowded city, you may take a bus/minibus straight from Central to Stanley. There was not much to buy but much to see. I personally found it fun wandering among stalls in the market. You can find a cafe or bar to sit down and enjoy a drink easily whenever you feel like to have a break from wandering, lol.

  14. Bananallanah 10 Comments
     -  11 Dec 2016


    If you love a good market then make sure you stop by Stanley Market. Though you might be able to find similar attractions at the other big markets in Hong Kong, Stanley Market is a quieter, meaning it makes browsing and shopping all the more enjoyable.

  15. Archana R
    Archana R 20 Comments
     -  08 Dec 2016


    Stanley market is situated at the southern part of Hong Kong island and we took a bus from Exchange Square to get there. The bus journey to Stanley Market was scenic. Numerous items such as souvenirs, handbags, clothes, electronic items and other trinkets are sold there, but we could not bargain a lot with the sellers. There are many bars and restaurants near the market.

  16. spongeykg
    spongeykg 9 Comments
     -  04 Dec 2016


    Stanley Market is not as crowded as Ladies and Temple Street. It is more artsy, antiques and silk but a wide variety of trinkets as well. This market shouldn’t be missed. Taking a Taxi if you are 3 persons will be the best option.

  17. its.sharon 10 Comments
     -  02 Dec 2016


    If you’re in need of some cheap souvenirs, definitely make a trip to Stanley Market! It’s similar to Temple Street but not as many people. I liked the things here better than those sold at Temple Street and Ladies Market. If you’re in need of some good quality souvenirs, you might be able to find some here!! 🙂

  18. Christopher Roberts
    Christopher Roberts 10 Comments
     -  02 Dec 2016

    It was good

    Stanley Market has long been a popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Stanley itself is a pleasant little town, right by the sea with good beaches and beautiful views, so it merits a visit. The market is still interesting but has become a little bit touristy.
    There are a lot of stalls and small shops which sell souvenirs, crafts, knick knacks and other curios. It is a good place to stock up on gifts or souvenirs of a visit to Hong Kong. As there are a lot of pubs and cafes nearby it can also be part of a pleasant afternoon out.

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