Visiting Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change (MoCC) is a perfect opportunity to learn and teach future generations about the immediate and long-term impacts of climate change. The museum is the first of its kind in Hong Kong as well as in the region; it is a blend of multimedia and interactive exhibitions with valuable collections and information about our changing world. With free admission and so many learning opportunities at the tip of your finger, it’s hard to pass up a trip to this innovative museum.


Eco-Tour- One of the definite highlights of MoCC is its Eco-Tour which takes participants around the prime ecological sites and green facilities of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) campus. Participants also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops and activities which promote green-living. Tours last approximately three hours and run from September to May 9:30am-12:30pm or 2:00pm-5:00pm.

Out-of-the-box activities- In addition to the various exhibitions at MoCC, there are also regular workshops to provide creative and enjoyable experiences for participants ready to engage with the environment in a more hands-on way. Workshops encompass everything from expert presentations to craft workshops to to recreational outings. There’s an activity for everyone, it’s just a matter of checking the schedule regularly to choose the one you are most interested in.

The Polar Gallery – This very interesting section of the gallery exhibits the work of Dr. Rebecca Lee, who is a renowned environmentalist and explorer. The Polar Gallery focuses on her work and experience in the three poles (North, South and Mount Everest). The exhibit really brings home the immediate effects of climate change including its macroscopic impacts.

Remote-Sensing and Environmental-Monitoring- With the use of satellite images and geo-information science in air pollution monitoring, oil-spill analysis, 3D environmental monitoring and more, this exhibit aims to give visitors the feeling they are closely studying the earth in real-time. The hope is that by concentrating on the local situation, visitors get will comprehend more profoundly the effects climate change has on everyday life.

Research and Innovation

For those who want a peak into the future, look no further. In the research and innovation sector of MoCC, you’ll find the latest results on pressing global issues surrounding things like food production, alternative energy sources, air and water purification, algae and carbon fixing as well as sustainable urban design. These areas of study all revolve around the current and future affects of climate change and offer an insight into how we might combat it.

Green Gallery

Combating climate change is a joint effort, and for that the Green Gallery exists at MoCC. With the support of the Jockey Club Charities Trust, several projects in and around Hong Kong have worked to promote environmental protection. This section shows the initiatives which have pioneered new ways of thinking and prove the power the community has to make a difference.


Become a friend- Membership to Friends of MoCC is free and open to the public. Become a friend to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change. Some of the pluses to being a member are: free subscription to the MoCC newsletter, priority in joining workshops, invitation to members-only events and exhibitions plus more if you happen to be a school or NGO.

Inclement Weather Agreement- Make sure to take a look at the “Special Agreement under Inclement Weather” page on the MoCC website. This will give you the information you need in case of a tropical cyclone or black rainstorm warning. The protocols are different depending on whether you are planning to attend an outdoor activity such as the Eco-Tour, a pre-arranged activity, or a simple visit to the museum.

Weekend guided-tour- General guided tours and the Eco-Tour are both available to walk-in visitors on Saturday mornings. There are 30 spots available on a first-come first-serve basis; visitors are encouraged to enroll ten minutes prior to the tour’s departure.


The easiest way to arrive at the MoCC museum is by train; the museum is just a three-minute walk from the University MTR station. Coming out of the downtown core, you’re looking at a quick ride over on the blue line.

Car- Taking the Tsing Sha highway, you can arrive to the museum in less than half an hour from downtown.


The Museum of Climate Change is part of the Jockey Club Initiative Gaia, which launched in 2012 with a 5-year community-engagement programme by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Jockey Club Charities Trust generously donated HK $70 million which made the idea a reality that continues promote environmental conservation and sustainability in local communities through knowledge-transfer, public education and a carbon-reduction partnership with schools and NGOs.

Interesting Facts

The name of the programme “Gaia” is taken from the Greek Goddess symbolizing Mother-Earth.

The Gaia Theory suggests that the biotic and abiotic environment is made up of complex inter-relationships, which are delicate and may be altered by human interference to a breaking-point. The point is we must learn to respect Gaia and pay attention to our acts and their consequences.

In Italian, Gaia means “joy” which is also fitting for the programme, which aims to inspire a joyful, sustainable, compassionate way of living.

In Conclusion

MoCC is an honourable endeavour on the part of the Jockey Club and University of Hong Kong; by educating the young and old about the importance of caring for our world not in ten, twenty or one-hundred years but right now, we can ideally pass on what we have to future generations.

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  1. shae23
    Australia 115 Comments
     -  03 Jul 2017


    MoCC is really easy to get to from the train station and is a very valuable learning experience for the whole family. The exibits are informative but not boring at all. I hope to visit again next time!

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