Ta Keo is the first sandstone temple mountain in the history of the Khmer Empire. The edifice is dedicated to Shiva and although it is tall and multi-layered, its design is rather simple. The lack of carvings is unspecific for Angkorian temples and it shows that the construction of this edifice was never finalized. The construction comprises of two terraces, a continuous gallery, libraries and four corner towers.

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Ta Keo’s construction began in 975 and it was conducted by King Jayavarman V when he was only 17. The king wanted to make it his very own state temple. Ta Keo functioned as a cult center up until the 13th century. The construction continued during the reigns of Jayaviravarman and Suryavarman I as well, after Jayavarman V’s death, but it was never finalized.


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