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  • How many visitors go to OverseasAttractions.com?

    Over 200,000 visitors use OverseasAttractions.com every month to get more information on the best attractions to visit for their next holiday. Most visitors are online bloggers and frequent travellers. Our current community has a strong engagement. Reviews of attractions are shared, giving visitors real information of their travel experiences.
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    All our content is in English so majority of our visitors come from English speaking countries including Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom. We also have visitors from countries with a good understanding of English like India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and most European countries.
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  • Can I see examples of content marketing promotions in the Must See Attraction package?

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    For Free Listings, simply register, find your attraction on Overseas Attractions and click on the orange button “Claim Listing”. Our content team will verify then contact you to verify the account. For paid packages, send an email to echo[at]overseasattractions.com or fill in the form above if you have any further questions. We will respond within 48 hours and assign an account manager and author to you. We’ll ensure your attraction gets the visibility it deserves!


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