Super clean and modern designs makes this a world class venue. Different screens are available for everyone to choose from:

  • 4D movies – Watch a movie with 3D glasses, motion seats, water spraying, wind blowing, modified lighting and a variety of scents, all adapted to the action within the film.
  • IMAX Theater – Enjoy the latest blockbusters in 3D on a massive screen.
  • Siam Pavalai – a gigantic theater
  • Enigma – Sit in comfy lounges, similar to a home theater.


Check showtimes for prices

The cost of seats vary a lot depending on the type of cinema, seat positioning, time of day, movie, whether its 2d, 3d or 4d. Its actually quite confusing. To give you a general idea, here’s a list of prices for various cinemas:

Siam Pavalai Cinema
Premium 210 Baht
Privilage Chair 230 Baht
Privilage XL Chair 270 Baht
Royal Balcony 290 Baht
Paragon Chair (couples) 700 Baht
3D Digital Cinema
Premium 260 Baht
Privilage Chair 280 Baht
4D Cinema
Premium 400 Baht
Privilage Chair 500 Baht
Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Screen
Blue Ribbon (couples) 1700 Baht



  • Book in advance – There are other tourists and visitors who are also interested in watching 4D movies. Make sure you book your tickets at least a few hours before your preferred session time. You can book online on their official site. Here are the instructions.
  • Stand up before the movie – To pay respect to their King, Thai people traditionally stand up during a short anthem before the movie begins. Make sure you follow these customs when you go to any cinemas in Thailand.
  • No outside food & drinks – You can obviously bring popcorn and drinks from their shop, but don’t try to sneak in food from shops outside.
  • Promotions – Ask staff for any special packages that include popcorn and drinks.
  • Be on time – Especially for 4D and IMAX, they may not show many commercials at the start.
  • Go to the toilet – before the movie starts….obviously!

Some say its more expensive than other cinemas in Thailand (and it is), but you get what you pay for. Compared to western countries, its a reasonable price. If you’ve never experienced 4D movies before, its something worth doing at least once.

How to Get There

Paragon Cineplex (Grand Theatre in map) is located on the top floor of Siam Paragon. There are a number of escalators and lifts around the shopping center to help you get to the top floor as fast as possible, but first, you need to get to Siam Paragon. The easiest way is to catch the sky train and get off at the Siam BTS station which is only a 2 minute walk from Siam Paragon (more travel information on this page). Take advantage of the skywalks to avoid the heavy traffic on the main roads.

To get more information about ticket prices and routes, go to the official BTS website.

8 Reviews

  1. Evgeny
    Russian Federation 26 Comments
     -  16 Nov 2017

    I wanted to try 4dx with my gf and it was pretty funny experience. Comfortable seats,wide selection of movies. On the top floor of the Siam Paragon.
    Price is slightly higher than in other cinemas of Bangkok and often can be many people.

  2. CherieJulie
    Australia 76 Comments
     -  13 Sep 2017

    The cinema in Bangkok is one of the best ways to escape the heat and have fun! It is so comfortable and there are price options depending on the seat you choose. The cinema is affordable, clean, and very popular. Often the popular movies will sell out so pre-book tickets online if it is a new film or a peak time. It’s a great activity!

  3. Shyamli
    Shyamli 31 Comments
     -  06 Jul 2017

    Paragon Cineplex is an absolute treat, no matter if you are planning to watch a movie with your family, friends or your partner. Secured by comfortable seating, complimented by beautiful lighting and detail oriented sound, it is an absolute paradise to glimpse upon your favorite movie premier. What sets it apart is its luxurious 4D movie experience that takes you to a whole different world.

  4. TwoWeeksAYear
    United States 15 Comments
     -  05 Jul 2017

    Going to the movies in Thailand is a unique experience. First of all, you can choose how you want to view the movie — they have 3D, 4D, Imax, and regular. Next, movies start on time – there are very few previews and commercials before the movie begins. The seats are ridiculously comfortable, and some allow you to recline like a bed. They even provide blankets! It is common before the movie begins to play the Thai national anthem.

  5. I Sadia
    I Sadia 15 Comments
     -  22 Jun 2017

    This grand cinema is beyond awesome. I watched The Mummy and it was an incredible experience in the 4Dx theatre. Chair movement, 3D lights, water sprays, air flows and all were an explicit experience. Everything is worth it!

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