• Level 4 – Endless rows of electronic shops selling the same mobiles, androids, ipads and other apple products.
  • Level 6 – Great bargain shopping for souvenirs and gifts. Bit like an indoor market.
  • Level 7 – Cinemas, bowling and lots of deserts!
  • Watch the MBK Muay Thai October – May, on Wednesday after 5pm.


  • Shopping is much cheaper here compared to Siam Paragon if you’re after some bargains.
  • It can get crowded on weekends and after 12pm. If you don’t like big crowds, go in the morning.
  • MBK Center is within walking distance (5 mins) to Siam Discovery, Siam Center, and Siam Paragon for those who love shopping. Pedestrian overpass bridges are easily accessible to avoid the heavy traffic.
  • Get a free tourist card from the ground floor or 2nd floor. Some hotels might have them on hand as well. Keep in mind not all shops participate and for those that do offer discounts, there’ll be a sign at the front of their store. No harm in bargaining though!

Floor Plan

  • Ground floor – fashion & beauty, food & beverages, gold & jewellery.
  • 2nd floor – fashion & beauty, food & beverages, gold & jewellery.
  • 3rd floor – fashion & beauty, food & beverages, gold & jewellery.
  • 4th floor – electronics, mobile phones, ipads, androids.
  • 5th floor – furniture, electronics, cameras, tv flatscreens, food courts.
  • 6th floor – souvenir markets, fashion & beauty, food & beverages.
  • 7th floor – food & beverages, kareoke, cinemas, video games, ten pin bowling.

How to Get There

  • Sky TrainBest option. Get off at National Stadium or Siam which is a 5 min walk from MBK.
  • Busses – Normal Bus No. 15 ,25 ,29 ,34 ,36 ,47 ,48 ,50 ,73 ,93 ,204.
    Air Conditioned Bus No. 8 ,25 ,28 ,29 ,34 ,73 ,501 ,502.
  • Taxi – Just say MBK and the driver will know where to go.

23 Reviews

  1. bailey
    United States 51 Comments
     -  04 Jan 2018

    This place sells just about everything! You could spend hours here walking through all of the small shops. I bought a new cell phone case and screen protector. I heard this was THE place for cheap merchandise, but I ended up finding better prices at some of the night markets. Still, it is worth a visit. For how crazy it first appears, it is actually really well organized! There is also a food court to grab a bite to eat.

  2. zeifel
    Indonesia 26 Comments
     -  18 Dec 2017

    Coming from Jakarta, Indonesia where shopping malls are a dime a dozen, MBK is a well-designed and well-maintained mall. It is a good place to take a break from the crazy heat and traffic jam outside. Of course, the price of the goods are more expensive than Khao San or Chatuchak. But most people who come to MBK do not come to shop anyway, but rather to relax and eat or drink.

  3. Angelo S
    Angelo S
    Indonesia 27 Comments
     -  30 Nov 2017

    You can find everything here! if you like shopping, this is the place to be. The price isn’t bad too, compared to other shops in Bangkok. The place itself is amazing. Its huge and can be very crowded. If you don’t like too many crowds, come early. It’s not hard to get to this mall. Many public transportation stop close to the mall

  4. Daniela Ramos
    Mexico 25 Comments
     -  16 Nov 2017

    MBK is the go-to place for er… everything. You can find anything in this huge shopping mall, from Western food, to cheap souvenirs, and used electronics. I mostly went here whenever I needed a place to repair my phone/computer or to get cheap second-hand cameras or any other gadget. Getting here is quite straight forward by sky train, the station you must get off at is called… MBK 😉

  5. arealkool
    United States 25 Comments
     -  04 Nov 2017

    This mall is pretty cool, you can find everything you are looking for here and the outside of it look a bit like Vegas but without the hectic energy. Moreover, you could always talk prices down and haggle with the independent sellers but prices are so cheap there is no need to! Its free to enter and the best times to visit is when they first open in the morning or right before they close because sellers want to make a last sale before the doors close and the crowds at a minimum in the mornings.

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